When we launched our Kickstarter project only 4 days ago, we were modestly hopeful and now with only 4 days in, we’re incredibly thankful. We have had a little more than handful of sweet donors (YOU) that have taken us to $1,250 of our $15,000 goal.

We wanted to not only thank you for your support but give you a brief update on the actual film progress. You probably didn’t imagine it would start so quickly. Well, none of us really like to sit on our asses for too long.. well, maybe Amy needs a little more ‘rest’ than the rest of us (sorry Ames, but you know its true).


Cast and crew flew from the West coast (Seattle and Los Angeles) this past Friday to New York and got started that evening with a late night production meeting at the Hudson Diner, burgers for everyone! The next morning bright and early, the crew (Bobby and Patrick) got started with interviews with the cast and their New York based friends. It was a long day of back-to-back appointments and schlepping – I don’t the crew ate until after the show, but there msy have been Red Bull involved.

The official LAUGHS WITHOUT LIQUOR – WE ARE NOT SAINTS Standup Comedy Tour launched Saturday evening (woohoo!) at the New York Gay Lesbian Center and we couldn’t have asked for a more attentive or more grateful audience – we think that might have something to do with it being a recovery-based show. Everyone was so alert!

Although there was a brief lighting glitch in the performance space and would have been an issue for the crew, Bobby and Patrick did some technical friggin’ around and ending up making the footage look real purdy-like. PLUS, you wouldn’t believe the equipment these guys are hauling around, there aren’t enough hands!

After the show the cast did a Q & A with the audience and got some really funny questions and hilarious answers. We really like having this format at the end of our shows, it’s a chance to connect with the audience even more.

And we have to thank our Tour Manager Sal for arranging the show in New York, if it weren’t for him, there would have been no one in the audience. His new nickname will be St. Sal, we know no one in recovery that does more service than this man and we’re so lucky to have him.

After the Q & A the show was rapped, but audience members lined up and hung around for over an hour to speak on camera about the show they had just been a part of. It was really beautiful that people were so patient and hung around, waiting for their turn to share with us.

We’ve done Laughs Without Liquor shows on the road before, but Saturday evening was the first night we all were doing the show and being filmed and it really felt like reality had set in and with only a few hitches, WE ARE MAKING A FILM!

WE ONLY HOPE WE GET TO KEEP GOING… What that means is that we HAVE TO meet our goal to keep going. Here’s a factoid about Kickstarter that you might want to know.. if we do not reach our goal, we don’t get a penny of the amount we did raise and your credit cards are not charged until the end of our fundraising period.

Because of your kindness we are cautiously optimistic that there are others out there like you that will believe in our project. If you feel comfortable passing this link along to someone you know who has been impacted in some way by addiction and would like to support a great project, here is the link:

Video footage will be coming in one of the next updates.

Again, please accept all our thanks for your help!

Gratitude from all of us!

The Funny Folks: Felon O’Reilly, Ian Harvie, Amy Dresner
Amazing Tour Manager: Sal Ianniello
Talented Director/Filmmaker: Bobby R. Poirier
Kickass Camera Crew: Patrick Kennedy