The Movie

Three outcast Comics on tour sharing their unbelievably candid tales of struggling with addiction, crime, mental illness and sexuality.

Separately these three Comics have very little in common, but put them together and they are not so different. What binds this trio is their common experience, desire to stay sober, and their chosen career of writing and perform their raw brand of comedy about their lives. These three have mastered taking what is often considered painful and tragic about their own lives and made it hilarious.

Recovering addict and former career criminal Felon O’Reilly; transgender man and recovering alcoholic Ian Harvie; and mentally ill, Jewish recovering meth head Amy Dresner; take to the road and blowing to bits those antiquated notions about people who have done prison time, about people who have struggled with sexuality, and people who are mentally ill.
Although he’s had little parenting experience, Felon is certainly the father (and godfather) of this motley crew. He still uses prison lingo to describe the day’s events and labels the women in his life “broads”. Felon is no doubt from another era and he’s learning to express his emotions without the use of a firearm.

Ian, the trans man who was socialized a girl, looks like the boy next door, but is anything but. Often utilizing his dual skills, he is the diplomat of the group. Ian may seem the least rattled when it comes to working on the road, but watch out, he starts to turn a green when he’s at the end of his testosterone cycle.

The princess of the group is suffers from a pretty significant case of the-only-child syndrome. Amy is reminded regularly on tour that no one is going to be waiting on her, but she will be taken care of by her sober brothers on tour. Amy is the youngest of the group in age and sobriety and by far the most picked on, sometimes there’s a lesson and sometimes its strictly for the joke; she takes it well.

This unlikely group of friends possesses a raw kind of honesty and self discovery that many others only hope to develop. A lot of times what keeps people locked into their addiction is thinking that they won’t be able to have fun anymore if they give up drugs and booze. This trio of comedy simply blows that theory out of the water.
AND if these three, given their individual histories, can stay sober, ANYONE CAN!

In order to make a film about this gruesome threesome, titled WE ARE NOT SAINTS, we need to make what they call a “sizzle reel” to pitch to Filmmakers and Producers. Making this teaser reel costs a bit of money and we need your help.
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